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Education Director bemoans flood of untrained and unqualified teachers

May 18, 2017 By Joseph S. Margai

Deputy Director of Education, Bonthe district: Mohamed Kamara

Deputy Director of Education in Bonthe district, Mohamed Kamara, has complained about the increasing number of untrained and unqualified teachers in the district, which, he said, has negatively been influencing the quality of public examinations results.

Mr. Kamara was speaking to Concord Times last Saturday during the just concluded National Primary School Examinations (NPSE) at Imperi Secondary School, Moriba Town in Bonthe district.

“We seriously have a problem of attracting trained and qualified teachers in some schools in Bonthe district. The is due to the bad terrains in the area,” he said.

He cited Dema  and Kwamie chiefdoms  as the areas where trained and qualified teachers were reluctant to go and render their services.

“It would take 24 hours for one to reach Dema chiefdom from Mattru by sea. One can only access that chiefdom through the sea. Most of the qualified teachers now are young people and they want to work in communities that have social amenities. Dema and Kwamie Bai Krim chiefdoms haven’t got any social amenities,” he said.

The Deputy Director of Education said the few trained and qualified teachers were only willing to work in Jong and Imperi chiefdoms, where there were relatively a few social and mining activities.

 “The issue of attracting trained and qualified teachers is a major challenge in this part of the country. There are a lot of negative impacts on education in this area, as a result of the presence of untrained and unqualified teachers. For children to perform well in public exams, they should have a sound foundation from the primary school,” he said.

He disclosed that the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has done everything possible to bring distant education to Bonthe district, so that teachers would acquire the requisite skills to teach.

 “Most of them are now making efforts to be trained and the problem of untrained and unqualified teachers will soon be a thing of the past in Bonthe. We have also just trained teachers on how to prepare a lesson plan,” he stated.

Mr. Kamara disclosed that the Ministry of Education Science and Technology has put plans in place to bring in experts that would serve as support officers to teachers.

“We will soon start to recruit them. They are trained and qualified teachers who have got lots of experience in teaching,” he said.

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