EDSA frustrates customers


July 16, 2019

By Frederick V. Kanneh

 Customers in the Freetown Municipality have expressed dissatisfaction to Concord Times that the Electricity Distribution and Supply Authority (EDSA) has watered down their expectations in relation to the purchase and replacement of malfunctioned prepaid meters.

Speaking to this press, one of the aggrieved customers, Ishmeal Bah, complained that he had paid the sum of eight hundred and fifty thousand Leones for prepaid meter to EDSA since October, 2018, but that up till now he has not been supplied with the meter as promised.

He claimed that he had visited their office times without numbers, and that on each occasion, he has been told to check again, adding that he was convinced that  EDSA had gotten  some meters for customers, but distributing them by either familiarity of based on who paid the highest.

“Every day you go to the EDSA’s office they would tell you that meters are not available, but at the same time other people are getting these same “unavailable” meters. Again, you would hear them say they want to stop people from installing electricity in their homes illegally. I have paid for my meter for over ten months now, and I am yet to receive it. The frustration is too much,” he cried.

Alice Kamara, who claimed that her meter has been faulty for the past three months and has reported the matter to EDSA, said they have promised to change it on several occasions, but failed to do as promise.

She further stated that the situation has negatively impacted her children, taking into consideration that they have to study and make use of their appliances.

“I am tired of complaining this same issue to EDSA.It is like I am just wasting my time. These people seem not to care about the welfare of their customers,” she said.

When this press took the issues up with the public Relations Officer of EDSA, Sahr Nepor said meters were available, but being installed on gradual basis because of the growing concern.

He added that they were installing prepaid meters according to application requests and that the claims customers were making that they have applied from October to date without having their meters, were not true.

He added that EDSA was not responsible for the shortage of meters because they were not the producers of the said item.

“Customers should not say that there were no meters, there are meters and people are getting it, but it just a matter of the time the individual may want it. When you pay you have to wait a little,” he said.