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Concord Times in Solidarity with the People’s Republic of China

February 3, 2020

Like the Ebola Virus in Sierra and other parts of Africa, the deadly Coronavirus has taken its toll on China and has recorded over two hundred deaths.

The World Health Organisation has declared a public health emergency of international concern. Many countries with potentials have evacuated their citizens from China for fear of being infected. Several activities, both economic and social have been halted in the country and that would undoubtedly affect the world, especially Africa.

As one of the media institutions in Sierra Leone that has benefited enormously from China, Concord Times is deeply in solidarity with the Asian Giant in the fight against the deadly Coronavirus.

When the deadly Ebola virus struck Sierra Leone, China is the first country that came to our aid, with an aircraft loaded with drugs and other medical supplies.

There aid was not only limited to the provision of drugs and other medical supplies, they sacrificed their medical personnel who came and served as frontline soldiers to combat the deadly Ebola Virus.

China also constructed one of the best laboratories in Sierra Leone to detect all sort of infectious dieases.China has always been there for Sierra Leone in thick and thin and they are one of the greatest contributors to the combating of the Ebola Virus Disease.

In difficult times like this for China, Concord Times and the entire Sierra Leone would have nothing to aid China in the fight against the Coronavirus, but to give them words of courage that it would be over and the future holds better.

As a true friend, Concord Times is of the strongest belief that China has all the necessary resources, both human and material to overcome the Virus within the shortest possible time.Whitin ten days, China has constructed ten thousand beds hospital to fight the Coronavirus. That is a clear manifestation that China has the potential to fight the disease because they have the economic muscle to do so.

Concord Times believes the fight would be tough but would not that be too tough for the Asian Giant to overcome and we are optimistic that it would be as a thing of the past.

China is an economic giant not only in Asia but across the world and we believe they have the potential to overcome the odds.

Concord Times is grateful to China for all the goodies and would always stand by them in times of difficulties.  

We believe that the Coronavirus would be overcome and China would continue to maintain its rightful position in the world stage-world second largest economy.

 China would surely overcome the odds!

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