Ecobankers sanitize Lumley Beach, donate cleaning equipment


October 25, 2021

By Alhaji Haruna Sani

As a way of ending a two-week long Ecobank day celebration, workers from different branches of the bank in Freetown, on Saturday 23rd October, conducted a cleaning exercise along Lumley Beach in Freetown, and donated cleaning equipment worth Millions of Leones to Sierra Leone’s  Tourism Board.

The cleaning exercise, which was followed by the unveiling ceremony of the 3D Ecobank sign at the Beach, attracted the presence of over hundred Ecobank employees as well as the General Manager, Permanent Secretary and other staff of Sierra Leone Tourism Board.

Hanna Fula, Communications Director at Ecobank, said the beach cleaning exercise was in the spirit of Ecobank Day, which started two weeks back when EcoBank worked with the Sierra Leone Mental Teaching Hospital, where EcoBank employees also donated food items worth Millions of Leones, dined and drank with health-care workers and played games with some of the patients.

Fullah said the beach cleaning exercise and their activities at the Kissy Psychiatric Teaching Hospital were part of their three-year “together for better initiative to promote awareness on non-communicable diseases –NCDs.”

In her statement, the Managing Director of Ecobank Sierra Leone, Aina Moore said this year’s Ecobank Day started with activities at the Kissi Psychiatric Teaching Hospital where tantalizing games were played between Ecobankers and the Kissi inmates, and that  the inmates won the dancing competition and male football match, while Ecobankers won the female football match.

“Prior to Covid-19, we celebrated our Ecobank Day by organizing a ‘health walk’ with one of the leading doctors in Sierra Leone from the Family Kingdom at Aberdeen to Victoria Park in central Freetown. We also tested about a Thousand and Two Hundred ‘Freetonians’ for non-communicable diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension and more,” Moore stated.

She maintained that, because of Covid-19, last year they only engaged in an on online health sensitisation especially on diabetes.

The Managing Director said Ecobank S/L had also planted trees few years down the line, when the bank turned 10, since it commenced business the country in November 2006.

Director Moore climaxed her statement by handing over the cleaning equipment to Fatmata Carew, General Manager of the Tourism Board. The items donated included 50 Rakes, 60 Shovels, and 20 Cutlasses, 250 Pairs of gloves, 20 Tarpaulins sheets and 10 Wheelbarrows.

General Manager of Tourism Board, Fatmata Carew, on behalf of Tourism Board welcomed the management and staff of Ecobank Sierra Leone. She intimated that what Ecobank had been  done spoke volume, noting that it is good for businesses like bank to take, but that giving back especially for national development is highly profitable.

She mentioned that as a government official, she was very appreciative of such strive by Ecobank.

Manager Carew said Tourism also helps in managing mental stability, as it is the place where workers and exhausted people come to find solace.

The Lumley beach, she said, is one of the iconic beaches in Sierra Leone, thus keeping it clean and decent means a lot.

She said the importance of the beaches can never be overemphasized, but that most institutions are doing nothing to maintain those beaches.

She reiterated her appreciation to Ecobank on behalf of the Ministry of Tourism and the entire government of Sierra Leone, noting that what the bank has done is worth emulating, by others “Copy is allow, as long as it has to do with development,” she insinuated.

The Managing Director assured Ecobank of protecting what they have done in the beach and called on other banks to follow suit.

However, Beach clean-ups are thus extremely important to help mitigate the problems caused by ocean debris and inflicted on marine life as a result of plastic pollution. Cleaning the beach also improves the coastal and ocean ecosystem by ensuring none of the trash kills marine life or is toxic enough to disrupt the aquatic life cycle