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Ecobank unveils mobile App for its 33 banks

April 13, 2017 By Patrick Jaiah Kamara

Ecobank Sierra Leone limited has unveiled a mobile App that customers would use to make transactions in all of its thirty-three banks across Africa.

The ceremony which took place at the Bintumani international conference hall on Tuesday April 11, attracted key stakeholders from the financial sector including Deputy Bank Governor, Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Ecobank’s  Regional Anglophone Executive, customers, and the media.

Speaking at the occasion, Ecobank’s Managing Director, Aina Moore, said the bank has once again demonstrated its commitment to excellence in customer service, as the mobile App which can be installed from the Google play store or IOS play store, could be used to open an account with the bank among several other functions.

Madam Moore stated that 3.5 million Sierra Leoneans now use mobile phones, with 7,000 of that number now connected to the internet, which she said formed 10% of the total population of the country.

She said they were certain that the figure would grow as the standard of living grows.

The mobile App, which she described as ‘genius’ would make banking simpler, faster, cheaper and more convenient than all the other digital system that they have introduced, adding that  someone can open an account with Ecobank using the App.

“This mobile App integrates many functions. It is design for your convenience, ease and speed of your banking transactions. When you are going shopping, paying bills, transferring money within Ecobank and another commercial bank in Sierra Leone or across any of our 33 Ecobank affiliate across Africa, you  don’t need to move along with cash,” she said.

She stated that they were going to be the leader in modern financial services as the technological growth across the world improves by day.

“We will continue to support the growth in this economy and we would make sure we remain and become more modern as we grow. We have the widest network on our Automated Teller Machines (ATM) in the country,” she stated.

The bank’Regional Anglophone Executive, Dan Sackey, stated that their sole aim of introducing the mobile App among other things was to discourage merchant moving along with cash and reduce the constraints in paying bills.

“We are aware of the long queues at the bank that is why we have brought this app to provide instant and convenient way of banking. This was the first time the bank has launched one app that is usable across our 33 banks in Africa. This is what makes it unique. So, today Sierra Leone will join the elite race of countries, where we have launched this app with the sole objective of making baking simple, faster and smooth for all our people in Africa and the world at large,” she said.

The Anglophone Executive noted that  Ecobank digital was a gateway for transformation of business that merchant and individuals would use for rapid transactions.

He said for African continent to move away from trading with physical cash, there was need to invest in the right technology to give them the assurance that their customers would receive fund, transfer it in a safe and secured manner.

The Deputy Bank Governor, Dr. Ibrahim Steven, applauded Ecobank for their digital transformation initiative of launching the App.

He said the bank was going to contribute in no small ways to the financial sector in the country, as the introduction of the new App would add to their customer base; hence 10% of the country’s population has access to the internet.

“If we have more people financially included, it can actually grow our economy to a proportion that is unimaginable. The link between financial inclusion, financial sector development and economy growth is very well established and I believe if we have more people with access to financial services, we would improve this economy well,” he said.

He said the country only has about 13% financial inclusion rate of the population and about 87% financial exclusion.

However, it was a night to remember, an evening of reward as 100 customers, who installed Ecobank mobile App won themselves with valuable items.

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