Ecobank ‘moves on up’with new banking solutions


January 17, 2017

The Pan African Bank operating in 36 African countries and other parts of Europe and Asia,Ecobank, has yesterday launched its new ‘Move On Up ‘consumer  campaign that would enable customers to do banking transactions electronically, using mobile phones, internet,ATMS and point of sales(POSs) across the country and beyond.

Ecobank’s Country Head, Consumer Bank, Isha Sheriff said the move on up consumer campaign was designed on three pillars of convenience that “Our customers want the convenience of banking, from being able to pay with an Ecobank card to doing financial transactions on their mobile phones, over the internet, ATMS, and point of sales.”

“The second pillar is relevance. We create personal banking solutions that are relevant to our customers, such as our range of account tied to each customer segment to suit their way of life. The final pillar is choice .With our unrivaled Pan-African platform across 33 out of 36 markets in Africa, we provide our customers with the widest access to products and services than any other bank,” she said.

She noted that the mission of the consumer bank business was to ensure that “our customers are provided with world-class, convenient, accessible and reliable banking solutions across Africa and globally.”

Managing Director of the bank, Mrs.Lucricia Aina Moore, recalled that the imagination of the Ecobank’s founding fathers was to create a truly Pan-African bank that would serve the needs of the African population in a changing economic landscape.

“At the centre of this vision, birthed nearly thirty years ago, was the progress of our continent.Ecobank has since grown its presence to 36 African markets and has licensed operation in Paris and representative offices in Beijing, Dubai, Johannesburg, London and Luanda,” she said.

She said Ecobank Sierra Leone provides excellent multichannel customer service oferings,which provides customers with various alternatives means of conducting their banking business and this ranges from: “ATMS(where we have largest network in country, currently and soon to be 23 with a new ATM to be installed at the NP Station on Campbell Street.”

She mentioned point of sales that allows for cashless transaction at hotels, restaurant, supermarkets, fuel stations, among others, noting that “our internet banking platform, for both our individual; customers (Retail Banking) and corporate customers (Ecobank Omni) is unrivalled in this market and our customers can give testimony to its efficiency. Customers are able to do their banking from the convenience of their offices, homes and mobile phones.”

She continued that: Our ability to provide our customers with real-time information on their account activity provides a modern and digital convenience to our loyal banking customers. This includes SMS-Alerts for all transactions on your account-statements as opposed to the old-fashioned paper statements of yesterday, Swift-mailer, providing confirmation of all funds transfer activities on your account.”

She further mentioned their recently introduced Ecobank Cash Express Card ,which she said, was there bid to extend their superior service offering to people who are not customers of the bank.

“This card allows non-customers to be able to have Visa-enabled ATM cards that they can use to make purchase on-line and payments when they travel to abroad. It also allows customers to give family members and associates access to cash in a convenient and safe manner. This card is also a perfect tool for companies with a large staff compliment that may not be currently banking-staff salaries can upload onto the cards and accessed through our ATMs, used online and at our POSs,” she said.

She also mentioned other services accessed through Western Union, as well as the Rapid Transfer service that enables customers to transfer money instantly to 36 countries across Africa.

She stated that Ecobank was a remarkable institution with a strong legacy and that the ‘Move On Up’ campaign was about how they were delivering positive value for stakeholders for the communities they work in –and for their valued and loyal customers.