Ecobank, Fullah community forge economic partnership

Ecobank staff and members from Fullah community 

By Yusufu S Bangura

In a bid to foster economic empowerment and inclusion, Ecobank, one of Sierra Leone’s leading banks, organized a collaborative meeting with the Fullah community on Saturday, May 4, 2024, at the Freetown City Council Hall.

During the event, both parties signed a commitment to work together towards mutual growth and development.

Winston George Williams, the Executive Director of Ecobank, highlighted the bank’s mission to promote financial freedom across Africa, including Sierra Leone.

He emphasized Ecobank’s dedication to creating a positive impact in every community where it operates and expressed a desire to partner with the Fullah community to address their financial needs.

Williams commended the Fullah community for their significant contributions to the country’s economic and business sectors, acknowledging their hard work and dominance in various markets.

He assured them that Ecobank is committed to integrating them into their business network and prioritizing their interests.

Expressing gratitude for the collaborative initiative, Mohamed Sajor Jalloh, also known as Med-Saj, the Tribal Head of the Fullah community, praised Ecobank for being the first non-Fullah financial institution to initiate such a partnership.

He pledged to encourage Fullah organizations and individuals to conduct their banking with Ecobank, highlighting the importance of transparency in their dealings.

Haja Isatu Jalloh, Head of the Fullah Women’s Group and a fortunate winner of a vehicle in Ecobank’s raffle draw in December 2023, shared her positive banking experience spanning thirteen years with the bank.

She lauded Ecobank for its transparency and integrity, particularly citing her surprise wins in the raffle draw as a testament to the bank’s reliability.

Encouraging her fellow Fullah women to consider banking with Ecobank, Jalloh emphasized the rewarding experiences she has had and urged others to trust in the bank’s credibility.

Overall, the collaborative meeting between Ecobank and the Fullah community signifies a step towards inclusive economic development and partnership building in Sierra Leone.


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