Eco-Tourism Project to put Tasso Island on the Map


January 26, 2018


Chairman of the Eco-tourism, Pater Jon Nelson, has vowed  to put back Tasso Island, one of the historic sit in Sierra Leone on the map.

He made the above disclosure during the first Island fiesta organised on Saturday 20th January, 2018.

Mr. Nelson described Tasso Island as one of the remarkable places in Sierra Leone, adding that it was one of the very first places discovered by the Europeans.

He added that the Island is important to Sierra Leone because it had one of the first trading forts for slaves

He however mentioned that 80% of Sierra Leoneans do not know that Tasso Island is part of Sierra Leone, noting that it has over the year become a forgotten island.

In order to put the Island back on the map, Nelson noted that Tasso Island is implementing a project which has established a camp geared towards developing the Island and creating employment for its inhabitants.

The idea of establishing a camp at the island is because of it beautiful environment and nice beach and also it closeness to Bonth Island .

He informed the gathering that they have been on the Island since August last year and so far they have developed Tasso Island community trust fund

He added that the project will last for five years after which it will be handed over to the community people as it is a community project.

He said they have established Tasso Island development trust fund that will ensure the profit benefit the Islanders. Their objective he continues is to again put Tasso on the map of Sierra Leone.

He maintained that the project is in consultation with the Ministry of Tourism and Relics Commission to develop Eco-tourism in Sierra Leone.

He noted that in the next two to three years, there will be more development not only on Tasso Island but other past of the country. Highlighting the importance of such development he said that it will attract more tourists in the country.