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Ebola: Taxi drivers pose danger at night

OCTOBER 7, 2014 By Alusine Sesay

By observation, Concord Times can reveal that some commercial drivers plying the streets of Freetown pose a grave danger to their passengers and are impeding the fight against the dreaded Ebola viral disease.

When the president declared a Public Health Emergency, commercial drivers were ordered to reduce the number of passengers, but this directive is being flouted on a daily basis, Concord Times observed.

At the New England Ville community, drivers who ply the hillside route at night do flout the emergency rule by taking more than the required number of passengers.

The bizarre truth is that the New England police station is located very close, at about 15 metres off the road, to where drivers are busy flouting the emergency rule with reckless abandon.

According to one concerned resident in the community, Victor Gumna, they have discussed the issue with the New England police but they have apparently taken no action to curb the foreseen health danger.
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He informed Concord Times that the area has recorded a confirmed death case of Ebola and that the residence of the victim has been quarantined, but some community people and drivers are seemingly not helping the situation.

Previously, the route was used by commercial motorbike riders, but since they were debarred from running at night, taxi drivers have now taken advantage of that void, and pose serious threat to gains made to contain and eradicate the disease.

Also, Concord Times made another observation at Kingtom Bridge where drivers also are in breach of the emergency regulations at night.

Meanwhile, the public is calling on the police to be vigilant at night and put a stop to such a menace.

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