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Deputy Information Minister concerned over public behaviour

OCTOBER 3, 2014 By Josephine A. Seppeh (Intern)

CONCERNED … Deputy Minister of Information, Theo Nicol
CONCERNED … Deputy Minister of Information, Theo Nicol

Deputy Minister of Information and Communications, Theo Nicol, has expressed concern over the height at which the Ebola virus has spiraled out of control, noting that, “I am disappointed in the way people are behaving. They are still hugging and greeting themselves. They are still gathering and playing football just as they used to do prior to the outbreak of the Ebola virus. People are refusing to obey the directives of the Ministry of Health and Sanitation because they still do not avoid body contact.”

Mr. Nicol further noted that some members of the public still eat bush meat, thus admonishing that if they continue to be stubborn the doomsday prediction that 20,000 people will die of Ebola will eventually come to pass, despite the help being rendered to the country by the international community.

He said the public should not rely on information received from the western media about the present situation in the country because the latter has failed to comprehend the peculiarity of the present Ebola crisis.

The deputy minister urged journalists to rise up and give definition to their own situation instead of allowing others to give wrong impression about the country to the world.

“The western media can give any information about our country even if it is true or fabricated because they want to make headlines, especially when we are battling with the fight against Ebola,” Nicol said. “Continue to inform people about the dos and don’ts.”

Also speaking, National Publicity Coordinator in the Office of the Government Spokesman, Abdulai Bayraytay, pleaded with newsmen not to rely on content from social media because there are a lot of visible discrepancies and distorted information emanating daily from them, and misleading the public.

“We are not running government on social media, hence people should not rely on information they get from such sources,” he said.

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