“Ebola is affecting physical and mental lives of Sierra Leoneans”


…says Précon CEO

NOVEMBER 11, 2014 By Jariatu Bangura

Chief Executive Officer of Précon Food Management Consultancy has stated that the deadly Ebola outbreak is affecting lives of Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad, both physically and mentally.

“The disease is having a terrible impact on food safety and the country’s economy. I am urging the government to thoroughly look into issues affecting the food safety and that of the health sector,” Moggre said.

Jan Moggre told Concord Times in a telephone interview that the disease is killing Sierra Leoneans physically while many people of Sierra Leonean origin are being discriminated against, thus leaving a huge mental dent.

He urged Sierra Leoneans to abide by health advisory on how to prevent the spread of Ebola, emphasising regular hand washing and ‘no touch’ campaign.

According to him, the deadly virus is terrorising Sierra Leoneans both within and abroad, and that the psycho-social impact of the outbreak was such that people are afraid to go to hospitals or report cases of sick people.

Mr. Moggre revealed that Précon is a Dutch consultancy firm that is assisting the country achieve European Union certification for authorised export of fisheries and marine products in order to access EU and other lucrative international markets.

“The country’s fisheries and marine do not have direct market access to EU, rather they go through third countries and this makes it very difficult to achieve optimal tax revenue from the industry net earnings.

“The EU certification project objective is to raise the premium on sierra Leone’s strategic growth sector economy baseline, of which the fisheries and marine industry is valued well-over billion dollars plus net-worth that has been losing significant earnings from its taxation revenue,” he said.