‘Ebola is a challenge for humanity’


- says MRU Ministerial Council Chair

March 20, 2015 By Ibrahim Tarawallie

Chairman of the Mano River Union (MRU) Ministerial Council has opined that the Ebola virus disease is a challenge for the whole of humanity because it is a disease which was never created.

Speaking on Wednesday (18 March) in Freetown at the end of a sub-regional technical and ministerial meeting on post-Ebola economic recovery organised by the MRU at Hotel Barmoi, Dr. Moustafa Sannoh noted that what people say about the virus was embarrassing, especially to those traveling from an Ebola affected country.

“The disease is a challenge for the whole of humanity. We did not create Ebola. It is just a disease and each country could face the same problems we are faced with today,” he said and expressed gratitude to the international community for their support in the fight to eradicate the epidemic in the sub-region.

He urged governments of the MRU to increase their effort in the fight against the deadly disease, which has claimed the lives of more than 10,000 in the sub-region since it struck in March last year.

Dr. Sannoh, who is Guinea’s Minister of International Development, expressed gratitude to technical experts at the meeting for what they were able to document during the three-day meeting, adding, “What we have proposed are the things we really need our partners to support us with. We have to believe in our own energy with the health and support of our partners.”

While thanking Secretary General of the MRU, Dr. Hadja Saran Daraba Kabba, for the initiative to hold the meeting, he expressed hope that documents presented would enable them to evaluate the dire consequences in their respective countries.

Meanwhile, during the high level meeting, delegates and anti-Ebola stakeholders drew a conceptual framework which highlighted areas within the sub-region that needed support in post-Ebola recovery.

The document has been presented to the MRU Ministerial Council for the attention of the three heads of state before being tabled during the IMF/World Bank spring meetings in Washington next month.