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‘Ebola can’t stop us booming’

…Nigga Don

NOVEMBER 21, 2014

Donefine Walker a.k.a. Nigga Don, Solomon  Kass Marah a.k.a. Kass, Sarah Kanu a.k.a. Prettiest, comprise the League of Extraordinary Guys (LXG) – a trio that observers say have exploded in the musical scene in the country like a landslide, equal to their counterparts in other African countries.
“Our style is many times being described as Nigerian, but I will not say so because our songs are done in English and Krio. What we do is that in our style, we try to blend the local ‘gbanbayskay’ and pure afro beat that we are hearing now in Naija, Ghanaian and other music, said Nigga Don.

Don, who spoke on behalf of the trio, added that “We use some Sierra Leone, Nigerian and Ghanaian percussion and create something brand new. This is the secret as to why many people are appreciating our songs.”

He denied any member of the group is Nigerian, a view bandied by some of their fans. “Contrary to what a lot of people are saying that we are Nigerians, no, we are Sierra Leoneans and everything we do is purely Sierra Leonean.” “Our inspiration is natural and spontaneous, for instance ‘Kaki Noto Leather’ we did not write any words, rhythm, etc on paper, it was free style all through, in ten minutes we did that track,” Nigga Don revealed.
The Ebola outbreak has adversely affected the country’s entertainment sector, and LXG are no exception. By their own admission, LXG say the impact on them has been great.

“As we speak LXG should have been out of the country since August 7, 2014. Ebola has gripped us on the neck, because we can’t travel out of the country on international performance. We should have been on tour or another project or on vacation, but Ebola came and halt everything,” Nigga Don said.

However, the group remains confident that they will come out stronger post Ebola. Already, they are still the toast of the afro-pop musical scene in the country.

“Notwithstanding Ebola LXG is on the cook. Ebola can’t stop us from practicing and preparing. Despite Ebola, LXG is still having hit songs; all four of our new released promos are dominant in the airwaves. One of the chart dominators and top of the pop is ‘Ar Go Bear,’, said Kass.

“Ebola has caused us to lie-low and are preparing for the life after Ebola. We pay tribute to the affected and all those afflicted by Ebola; let’s remember that there is life after Ebola. We consider the outbreak as a time to prepare well for the fans so that when we come out fans will appreciate us. We are grateful for the very magnificent management team we have now,” he said.

The group members say they are in a state of preparation, recording and practicing new songs for the taste of a wider international audience.

“We are compiling materials and music that we will be mastering overseas for
international acclamation. We are just creating, practicing, shooting videos and doing songs to keeping the LXG hype in the country,” Kass said.

He said they toiled with the idea of naming their second album ‘Thriller’ but instead named it ‘To The This’ because they didn’t want to be seen imitating late pop icon Michael Jackson. “The song is similar to South African style, very classic. We are mindful of the many questions as to why we chose the album title ‘To The This’, well, any product  that is much asked about goes a long way,” he explained.

The group says they are expected to commence an international tour to perform in 25 shows in Australia, Holland, England and USA. “We have what it takes to perform at such international levels. As we speak all the places that we have been invited dancers are training our songs and putting together the event management so it will be easy for us to stage fascinating performances when we arrive,” he concluded

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