DSTV Sierra Leone announces reduction on monthly subscriptions

Adonis Aboud on the extreme right, Natilia, Kokofele and Eanuel A.B Turay at the high table

By Alhaji Haruna Sani

The Chief Executive Officer of DSTV Transnational Sierra Leone, Natalia Abboud has told newsmen that customers in Sierra Leone will now enjoy quality entertainment for less, with discount ranging from 30% to 50%.

She said monthly subscription prices on DSTV Premium, Compact plus, Compact, DSTV Family and DSTV access will decrease from 1st April 2023.

“This is the most aggressive price reduction which customers have been waiting for, for quite a long time and it comes at the much needed time, the time Sierra Leoneans are feeling the pinch economically, but our ongoing commitment and unwavering support to Sierra Leone is strong,” she assured.

CEO Natalia Abboud said over thirty years Transnational Sierra Leone DSTV has worked tirelessly to ensure that Sierra Leoneans have access to the best entertainment on the African continent, promising that they are always ready to continue offering the best for the nation.

She informed pressmen that over the years the Sierra Leonean market has been flooded with illegal DSTV decoders most of which are coming from Nigeria. She said those DSTV decoders are smuggled to Sierra Leone through cross-boarders; an act which she said is done at the expense of any Sierra Leoneans.

“We can never compete against illegal businesses, no matter what. We are very happy that we have reduce our prices for the happiness of our customers and now than ever before, we need to stand by legitimate Sierra Leonean companies and we encourage all citizens to help us fight piracy,” she pleaded.

Natalia noted that her company (DSTV-SL) is constantly looking at various ways to thank customers for their ongoing support and loyalty whilst delivering a world-class entertainment service at a price they can afford as a way of demonstrating a commitment to Sierra Leone and to its  customers to ensure they receive possible access to great entertainment at an outstanding level.

She encouraged those using the Nigerian decoders to call the customers line of DSTV Transnational SL for an easy switch over to DSTV SL at no cost.

Chairman, DSTV Transnational Sierra Leone, Adonis Aboud expressed disappointment over flooding of the market of illegal decoders from Nigeria who do not pay any tax including the GSTs.

He said the smuggling of illegal decoders is an act that can scar potential investors from investing in Sierra Leone, adding that decoders from Nigeria lacks Parental Control thereby leading children to view harmful contents which is exposing children to dangerous content which exposes them to act of violence.

He explained some their cooperate social responsibilities citing example to the installation of the first satellite dish  at Fourah Bay College (FBC) in 1987, which he said made FBC the first University to have satellite installation in the whole of West Africa.

Smart I.B Kokofele, Director of Regulatory Administration at National Tele-Communication Authority (NATCA) also expressed disappointment over the issue of the illegal flooding of decoders and promised that the Authority is in closed discussion with some institutions to curb all illegal activities in Sierra Leone.

Emmanuel A.B Turay of the Ministry information and Communications explained how revenue generation dropped in the country due to illegal tax deviation done for Nigerian decoders.

He explained the consequences of piracy and other copy rights offences, drawing the attention of all the copy rights act which he said, has serious ramifications on offenders. 


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