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Dr. Sumura Kamara congratulates President Bio

April 9, 2018 By Mohamed Massaquoi

Congratulatory handshake: President Bio and Dr. Samura Kamara met last Saturday

Presidential candidate for the main opposition All Peoples Congress in the just concluded general election, Dr. Samura Kamara has congratulated the Brigadier Julius Maada Bio on his election as President of Sierra Leone.

The election was acclaimed by both national and international observers as transparent, peaceful and democratic despite speculations that the election was going to be bloody.

Kamara and his party’s high ranking officers on Saturday visited President Maada Bio at his Juba Hill residence in order to express their thanks and appreciation and to also share ideas as to how they could discuss matters relating to the security of the state.

Kamara said they felt gratified to have been welcomed by Bio and his SLPP party members with open hands, adding that even though the electioneering period was tense, yet both of them were yearning to lead the country and to provide quality leadership for the people of Sierra Leone.

He said they were very much concerned about security in the country, adding that their members were attacked by members of the SLPP at various locations across Sierra Leone, thus their reason to engage President Bio so that issues of violence and intimidation could be addressed across the board.

APC National Chairman and Leader, Hon. Minkailu Mansaray, said they had got report from Bo, Kenema and Kailahun where their members were being targeted by supporters of the ruling SLPP.

He said in Freetown, Abacha Street traders were targeted and their stalls damaged, thus calling on the president to address the situation as ‘peace and stability’ is paramount to national development.

“It is no gainsaying that the two political parties – SLPP and APC – are the major parties in Sierra Leone,” he said.

While reacting to statements by the two speakers, President Maada Bio said there was only one country, therefore the need for members of the two parties to work together and promote peace.

He said no Sierra Leonean should suffer or be killed because he or she belongs to another political party, and that violence should not be part of the politics of Sierra Leone.

He said that since his election he was yet to go out but has been informed about the violence in Bo, Kenema and Magburaka in the north.

He recalled when he was physically attacked in the home town of Dr. Kamara, Kamalo, but no action was taken against the aggressors.

“We have to work together. I spoke to the ONS [Office of National Security] and the police but I was told the situation is under control. I inherited this security from you and you have key actors in the security sector. We will form a committee to work on this collectively,” he said, adding that all security agencies must be involved in the process.

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