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Don Bosco to supply 50,000 litres of water to prisons daily

By Hawa Amara

Don Bosco Fambul has promised to dig a borehole that would supply 50,000 litres of water to the central prison on Pademba Road on a daily basis.

Director of the Catholic charity organisation, Brother Lothar Wagner, said some of intimates at the maximum security prison were carrying skin diseases caused by the dearth of water supply, and adequate water supply could alleviate the situation.

He said Don Bosco was a catholic Priest who visited prisons to help inmates, and that the organisation works with prisons to rehabilitate prisoners, while facilitating family visits to those behind bars.

Director of Prisons, Sanpha Bilo Kamara, said Pademba Road prison was officially built for 324 intimates, although the facility currently hosts 1,567 inmates.

He said the facility previously received water for the needs of inmates without having to depend on daily bowsers from the Guma Valley Water Company.

“Prison officers hardly go to the Guma authorities complaining about the flow of water in the prison. Inmates were benefiting from constant supply of water from Guma Pipes and food was prepared on time but with the increase in the construction of residential houses around the prison compound and the construction of hill side by-pass  road, the Guma Pipes connection leading to prison were tampered with,” he said.

Thus, he said, the support from Don Bosco would improve hygiene condition among inmates of the crowded prison.

He said Don Bosco and the Sierra Leone Prison have signed a memorandum of understanding to direct their working relationship, adding that the former has provided counseling, organise weekly prayer services for inmates, and provide food and water for more than seventy intimates daily, as well as avail medical assistance to sick intimates.

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