Domestic Violence still rife in Salone


…12,314 cases recorded in 2019

June 10, 2020

By Ibrahim Kabba Turay

The Sierra Leone Police yesterday made public their 2019 General Crime Statistics Report, which indicates that the Family Support Unit (FSU) recorded 12,314 Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV) cases in 2019, compared to 12,052 cases in 2018.

The report was presented to journalists at Police Mess, Kingtom in Freetown.

The crime analysis was basically based on 186 different types of Offences, which include Murder, Larceny, Affray, Driving without Driver License, Assault, and Wounding with Intent.

The report stated that out of 75,729 recorded cases in 2019 countrywide, the Offenses Against the Persons was the highest category with 23, 691 cases, followed by Offenses Against Property which records 18,861 and the Offenses Against Women and Children with 12,314.

The report also indicates that the crime distribution across the regions in percentage shows that 4, 641 or 6.13% cases were recorded in the Eastern Region, 7,669 or 10% in the Southern Region, 14,052 or 28.56% reports in the Northern region and 49,367 or 65.19%  report in the Western Area, accordingly.

The report also highlighted key areas that were identified and mapped out as crime hotspot/Zones in communities.

 According to the report, the crime analysis was done in order to have a crime rate by region, thus Western area Freetown- East & West, was 2.96% in 2019 as compared to 2.32% in 2018.

The report also notes that the rate according to the research analysis, recorded a slight increase of 0.96% in 2019, compared to 0.80% in 2018.

‘‘The fact here is a fluctuation in the Annual General Crime rate in Sierra Leone as opposed to a permanent increase.’’

The report also shows that out of the 75,729 reported cases in Sierra Leone, the legal and Justices Support Department of the Sierra Leone Police processed 3,276 cases and sent them to Magistrate Court for further prosecution.

The report also shows that only 4.33% of all reported cases were dealt with by the Legal and Justice Department of the Sierra Leone Police.