DOFA provides free health service for the aged


October 21, 2021

By Kweku Nelson

As a way to promote healthy aging, Dorwontony Organization for the Aged (DOFA), in collaboration with Compassionate Health Clinic, on Wednesday, 20th October, administered one day free health services to over 50 aged persons in the Western Area.

Delivering her opening remark at the Compassionate Health Clinic, Signal Hill in Freetown, founder and CEO of DOFA, Doreen Barrie, noted that ageing does not have to be associated with pain or sickness.

She said it is very important for elderly persons to know their health status but that access to quality health facility has always been a challenge for them due to financial constraints.

She noted that their collaboration with Compassionate Health Clinic was part of the Organization’s plan to celebrate the month of the aged (October), by providing a one day free medical services for elderly persons randomly selected from different communities in Western Area.

 She said participants from both the DOFA Football Gala and the DOFA Pageantry, were included in the exercise so that they can benefit from the free health service.

She said that was not the first time that her organization had provided free medical services to the aged.

“The one day free health service for the aged will provide free vital health care checks and free medicine for the aged.  But, if  we have the required financial support, DOFA  intends to make this exercise a regular service, and that is why we are advocating for government to implement a free health scheme for the aged,’’ she said.

 Advance Practice Registered Nurse and Mid Wife at Compassionate Health Clinic, Waltona Cummings, said she came in contact with Doreen Barrie few months ago and when she learnt about DOFA’s humanitarian activities for the aged, she decided to work together with Doreen to help provide care, love and support for the aged.

She admitted that her dedicated service to care for the aged was influenced by a 91yrs old woman who once asked her for medical support. 

She explained that in the health exercise, nurses will firstly gather the health information of, after which random medical checks and point-on care test will be done at the laboratory to determine their health conditions, and medicines will be provided based on the illness diagnosed.  

Yankeh Conteh (beneficiary) aged 67yrs, explained that she does not go to hospital for normal checks but instead buys medicines from pharmacy whenever she feels sick.

She said the free medical service was a good initiative which she desire to continue accessing because she cannot afford hospital charges.

 Yankeh Conteh thanked DOFA, Compassionate Health Clinic and the nurses for providing the free health service.