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DOFA organises fun-filled party for the aged

December 14, 2021

By Kweku Nelson

It was an exciting moment on Saturday at the Garrison Street Youth Centre Hall where people above age sixty showcased their dancing prowess. With the old skul vibes echoing from the musical set, the aged were lost into seeming nostalgia while parting hard as youngsters could do.     

At the Garrison Street Youth Centre Hall on 11 December, neatly dressed aged person rocked the DOFA aged party organized by Dorwontony Organization for the Aged (DOFA).

The fun-filled party was one of its kinds. While few of the aged refused to groove due to knee joints complications, the energetic folks stepped up, hitting the dance floor with funny but amazing dance moves. They vibe and gave body a swing to the D j’s sweet old rhythm.

Pa Lamina Fofanah’s  jaw dropping moves sent off his fellow competitors wondering; how he was able to resonate despite his age (67yrs).

Attracting most applause and attentions, Lamina Fofanah was declared the winner for the male dancer’s category. With a feeling of pride and accomplishment, Pa Lamina Fofanah explained, ”the crowd chose me as the winner of the competition because of dancing styles.”

”I cannot dance as Pa Lamina does because my knees sometimes hurt. Pa Lamina is a better dancer and he danced more than the others,” Pa Alpha Kanu stated.

The Chief Executive Officer DOFA, Doreen Barrie highlighted that the Organization partnered with Frivaj and other sponsors to host the event. She noted that the event was hosted so the aged could interact and have fun as they did when they were young.

 She explained, ‘’ we wanted to create an event wherein the aged could meet, interact, have fun and listen to music to their time.’’  

Nevertheless, special performances from the Organization together with special guest appearances from media personalities, celebrities and dignitaries climaxed the well-attended event.

Regional Minister of Western, Nabeela Tunis was also in attendance and she received from the organization a Special Recognition Plaque for her supportive efforts towards the organization.

Unisa Sesay Veteran journalist presented the Special Recognition Plaque to Nabeela Tunis for her selfless contributions towards the organization.

She expressed delight in receiving the Plaque and then pledged commitment towards supporting the organization.

Although the aged men didn’t receive gift from the organization, but the women were sent home with Christmas gifts. 

But at the end, they all walked home with happy hearts, smiling faces and prayers for long life so they could see next year’s party.

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