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DOFA engages Drivers’ Union on special treatment for the aged

November 18, 2021

By Alhaji Haruna Sani

Dorwontony Organization for the Aged (DOFA), yesterday 17 November, 2021 engaged drivers on how to respectfully treat elderly persons that onboard public transport.

Speaking at the meeting held at Drivers’ Union Headquarters, Texaco in Freetown, founder of DOFA, Doreen Barrie, explained that in April, her organization received several complaints from elderly persons about the ill- treatment they receive from apprentices and drivers whilst onboarding public transport.

She noted that the engagement with drivers will help change the negative attitude of apprentices and drivers towards the aged.

Barrie informed the drivers that most elderly persons are very slow in busy traffic, so she encouraged drivers to exercise patience and treat the aged respectfully. She then pleaded with drivers present to help disseminate the message to other colleagues so that the message will reach every driver in the country.

Responding to Doreen Barrie, the president of the National Drivers Union, Alpha Amadu Bah said the meeting was essential because it had a representation of drivers from the different districts of Sierra Leone.

He assured that the message from DOFA will reach each and every driver of the country.

He pleaded with his colleagues to accept the message of DOFA in good faith and help not only the aged but also persons with physical disabilities that onboard public transport.

He promised to work in collaboration with DOFA so as to help treat the aged respectfully.

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