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Disaster Looms over Tree Planting community

November 1, 2016 By Emmanuel Okyne (Intern)

Founder of Women in National Development Action, Adama Conteh, has told Concord Times that the entire Tree Planting community at the back of Fourah Bay College was living in perpetual fear of imminent disaster, if urgent action was not taken to remove some boulders hanging over the community.

She said encroachers have tampered with the forest and exposed the boulders, thus posing the entire community to danger.

 Madam Conteh called on the government to relocate residents of the said community, who, she claimed, were illegally occupying the land.

Madam Conteh said her organization was seeking the welfare of women and children, as they were the most vulnerable groups in times of disaster.

“Authorities should not sit by and wait until disaster occurs before they could act. I have raised series of concerns with the authorities concerned, but no action has been taken,” she said.

She said the community has over 2,000 inhabitants without health facilities.

Marion Kargbo, an inhabitant of the community told Concord Times that they were the first inhabitants to have resided  in the community, and that most people acquired the land through illegal means.

Madam Kargbo, who is probably in her sixties, told Concord Times that  she was  always in  constant fear whenever it rains, as a result of the boulders that hang over the seemingly mud houses.

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