Diang Chiefdom gets new ambulance


Lora Golden Wings Sierra Leone Limited, an exploration company operating in the Koinadugu District, north of the country, has donated a brand new ambulance to Diang Chiefdom to help facilitate medical service in the chiefdom and the district as a whole.

Koinadugu District had boasted of only one ambulance, and the provision of this new ambulance is expected to complement the existing one, thus enabling medical officers in the district to reach hitherto not reached communities.

The provision of the ambulance will come as a relief for especially residents in the most remote communities in the Koinadugu District who most times have to carry their sick through hammocks or pushcarts to access the nearest health center.

Lora Golden Wings Sierra Leone Limited is a gold exploration company but hopes to venture into other long-term socio-economic development activities in the chiefdom like road rehabilitation and education. The company has obtained its exploration licence from the government and has brought in all their equipment in the country to start their exploration work.

The company says in early March this year, three groups of geologists from England, Russia and Ukraine would arrive in the country to start exploration work.

Despite Koinadugu District being the most underdeveloped district in Sierra Leone, Diang Chiefdom has become attracted to investors, especially for its gold deposit. But Lora Golden Wings Sierra Leone Limited, unlike other mining outfits in the country, is embarking on a long-term system of development to provide employment for locals, build schools and improve on medical service in the Diang Chiefdom and its neighbouring communities.

The company says it also takes children’s issues as priority, and will involve in the building of schools in their operational communities to provide pupils the opportunity to acquire education in a conducive atmosphere.

The company, also as a long-term development plan, plans to rehabilitate the road leading from Kabala town to Diang Chiefdom, as well as rehabilitating bridges to ease transportation in and out of the chiefdom.

The company has already purchased solar street light panels to be installed in key public buildings in the chiefdom like the hospital, schools, police station, etc.