DFID official concludes one-day assessment of Bo Waste Management Project


February 16, 2015 By Mohamed Sulaiman Massaquoi

The DFID sponsored project ‘SUPPORT TO THE SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT SECTOR IN BO CITY AND ITS ENVIRONS’ has been operational since February 2013, and is being implemented by the German nongovernmental organization Welthungerhilfe. The pilot phase ended in March last year and phase II started in earnest in May 2014.

Just when the project was getting momentum in Bo with activities geared towards a massive improvement in the waste collection, transportation and disposal systems and with plans to develop the official dumpsite, the Ebola virus disease struck the country and brought lots of the plans of the project to a halt or moved it at snail pace. In the midst of the EVD and with light at the end of the proverbial tunnel for an end to the virus, the project has continued some major works aimed at reforming waste management in Bo.

A senior DFID official Simon Williams was in Bo on Wednesday February 11 to assess the progress of the project and to get first-hand information from some of the direct project beneficiaries and the impact of their work on waste reduction in the city. Mr. Simon Williams was accompanied by DFID consultant Mr. Will Tillet and the Welthungerhilfe Country Director Mr. Jochen Moninger was in attendance to see them through the project sites and interact with the Bo City Council staff.

Mr. Simon Williams was received at the Bo City Council Chamber by no less a person but the Mayor of Bo His Worship Harold Logie Tucker and the Chief Administrator Mr. Victor Kalie Kamara. At the Chamber hall, the Mayor expounded on the project activities since its inception in February 2013 to date, highlighting some of the challenges they have encountered but shedding light on the synergy between the council and WHH. He pledged the commitment of the council to the successful implementation of the project pointing out that its success will leave a legacy for him as Mayor. Mr. Simon Williams on his part dilated on the impact of the Ebola virus disease and how the British government has been a major player in the country’s fight against the dreadful disease. He elaborated on the signs of the virus slowing down and how the British government is now looking at other areas of post Ebola intervention. He said he has heard and read about the Bo project and expressed delight at being there to see and feel for himself.

The climax of the occasion at the Chamber was the presentation of a document on the proposed WASTE INDUSTRIAL INVESTMENT ZONE, which the project hopes to create but the kind approval of DFID. Mr. Simon Williams was then taken on a field tour of the project sites and beneficiaries and the proposed site for the Waste Industrial Investment Zone. At the conclusion of his visit he did not mince his words when he said he was impressed with what he had seen and promised to send a positive report to home office.