Detective testifies in Kassiri murder


By Hawa Amara

Detective Police Constable (DPC) 6493 Abdul Patrick Kanu yesterday testified in a murder matter involving another police officer 13455 Nabie Yayah Fofanah, who allegedly murdered one Esheka Kamara.

DPC 6493 Kanu of the Breaking, Robbery and Homicidal syndicate at the headquarters of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) told the court that the matter was transferred on 17th June from the Kambia Police Division and handed over to him for further investigation.

He explained that on the same date an autopsy was conducted on the remains of the deceased by public Pathologist, Dr. Simeon Owizz Koroma in his presence, and witnessed by a relative of the deceased, Saidu Koroma, a resident of Rokuprr town and senior crime officer, Detective Sergeant 7779 Conteh T.

He said a photo copy of the death certificate was issued to the relatives and police after the autopsy was completed.

The witness said on 18th June, Chief Superintendent Kelly of the Operational Support Division headquarters brought the accused to the CID headquarters and handed him over to detectives. His AK47 riffle with 10 rounds of cartridge was also tendered, he said. He further testified that on 26th June, he and a team of detectives headed by Assistant Superintendent Debora Sesay, went to the crime scene where statements were obtained from relevant witnesses.

The witness continued that the accused told detectives that the incident happened on 15th June, 2014 when he went in search of the owner of a boat called ‘Timberland’, which had anchored at the Kassiri wharf jetty and was being off-loaded by passengers.

He said that the accused, while being interrogated, stated that his rifle accidentally discharged during a scuffle with the passengers, and as he was struggling to come out of the river after one of them had pushed him.

While being cross-examined by defence counsel A. Serry, the witness told the court that he saw the deceased at the Connaught Hospital mortuary where he had gone to witness the autopsy.

The accused was arraigned at the Freetown Magistrates’ Court No.
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2 presided over by Magistrate Komba Kamanda on one count of murder, contrary to the law of Sierra Leone.

The prosecution alleges that the accused, on 15th June, 2014, murdered the deceased at Kassiri Wharf, in Samu Chiefdom, Kambia District, northern Sierra Leone.

The hearing was adjourned to 2nd September for further cross-examination.