Deputy Transport Minister Receives Sierra Ovation Awards


March 5, 2019

By Joseph S. Margai

Sadiq Silla receiving the award from one of the organisers, Peter Sahr Sellu, while his wife looks on

Deputy Minister of Transport and Aviation, Sadiq Silla, has on last Saturday (2 March 2019) been awarded one of the top 100 most influential/ outstanding Sierra Leoneans in 2018/2019.

The award ceremony, which was organised by Sierra Ovation Magazine, was held at Golden Tulip in Aberdeen, Freetown.

Sadiq Silla was Chairman of Puhejun District Council for nine years. Owing to his strong leadership skills, he was able to superintend over the District Health Management Team (DHMT) to first go 42 uninterrupted days without registering a case of the Ebola disease in 2015.

His district, Pujehun was the first to be declared Ebola free in Sierra Leone, Kailahun being the second.

Recently, he has become a peacemaker, as he was able to bridge existing gap between stakeholders in Sahn Malen Chiefdom, where SOCFIN Agricultural Company has acquired huge portion of land for agriculture.

When President Bio won the presidential election in 2018, he was appointed deputy minister of transport and aviation, a ministry he has been able to set a pace, through the ministry’s agency Sierra Leone Road Safety Authority (SLRSA) in eradicating street garages, clearing abandoned vehicles on the street, among other transformative initiative to sanitise the transport sector.

Peter Sahr Sellu, chairman of the award ceremony and publisher of the Sierra Ovation Magazine, said the award is an annual listing and distinguished recognition of the top 100 influential Sierra Leoneans from the huge pool of eligible “top listers” the country has to offer.

“The top 100 influential honourees are from diverse backgrounds, including public service, entertainment, politics, media, business, sports, civil society, academia, religion, and the professions, from across the country and in the diaspora,” he said.

Founded in 2015, in New York, USA, he said the Sierra Ovation Awards seek to recognise these influential, outstanding and trend-setting men and women who are dedicated to excellence and contributing to the political, social and economic development in Sierra Leone.

“Every year, the finalists and honourees celebrate their achievements with their families and friends, colleagues, and the public at a prestigious ceremony and banquet dinner organised in their honour,” he said.

Giving his expression after receiving the award as one of the top most 100 influential Sierra Leoneans, the Deputy Transport Minister said he was happy to have received the award as one of the 100 top most influential Sierra Leoneans.

“To be recognised after few months as a deputy minister, is encouraging. It means the organisers are appreciative of what I have done,” he said.

The deputy transport minister dedicated the award to the people of Wajama and Pujehun district as a whole.