Deputy Sports Minister intervenes to resolve rivalry


October 1, 2015 By Sahr Morrs Jr. 

The Deputy Minister of Sports, Ishmael Al-Sankoh Conteh, yesterday (Wednesday September 30) intervened to resolve the long-standing dispute between Central community arch-rivals, Fullah Town FC and Mountain City FC.

The minister’s move to settle the impasse between the two communities came just days after the Office of National Security (ONS) put on hold the Central One Football Association (COFA) inter-community league following Sunday’s violent clash between the two.

The peace talks attracted representatives from the Western Area Football Association, COFA, and the Deputy Minister of Political Affairs, Karamoh Kabba, as well as some members from the two communities.

Highlighting the importance of the meeting, Deputy Minister Conteh said violence during and after football matches should not be encouraged, and admonished all parties to start preaching peace and work together for the development of their respective communities.

“Football is a peaceful game and all must work together towards maintaining the peace,” the deputy minister said.

After hours of deliberations, the meeting was deferred to today (Thursday) for a final statement and resolution to be taken in resolving the long-standing dispute.