Deputy Minister of Youth Affairs Joins NAYCOM Deputy Youth Commissioner to Clean MMCET 


January 7, 2018

Lusine Kallon, Deputy Minister of Youth Affairs and his colleague, Emerson Kamara-Deputy Commissioner, National Youth Commission (NAYCOM) have joined past students of the Milton Margai College of Education, Science and Technology to clean the Goderich campus, West end of Freetown.

Motivated by Minister Kallon, over one hundred former students and other youth groups today cleaned the entire vicinity of the Goderich campus including students’ hostels and the administrative buildings to keep the environment clean and tiday ahead of the resumption of the college on Monday, 7th January, 2019.

Milton Margai College of Education and Technology (MMCET), was formerly called the Milton Margai Teachers College (MMTC). It was established in 1963, named after Sierra Leone’s first Prime Minister, Sir Milton Margai. The university has become affiliated with the University of Sierra Leone, and has been upgraded to a degree-awarding status in selected courses.

“I am here to send a message to all and sundry that if we want to achieve the free quality education, we also need a favourable and descent environment to make learning attractive,” Minister Kallon said.

He assured that they intend to replicate same in other colleges, universities, primary and secondary schools in the near future.

According to the Deputy Commissioner, “it is good to give back to your society or a place where you acquired quality learning to be able to serve in any capacity of your work life.”

Commissioner Kamara said, “I am proud to come here and sweep, brush and dispose the garbage as a role model to other former students not only from Margai but other universities.”

Former students who are currently living in USA and UK were in attendance to help clean the Milton Margai campus.