Dep. Social Welfare Minister urges factories to employ women


April 8, 2015 By Ibrahim Jaffa Condeh

The Deputy Minister of Social Welfare, Gender and Children’s Affairs has appealed to factory owners at the Wellington Industrial Estate to create more job opportunities for women.

Mustapha Bai Atila was addressing factory owners at his office in New England last Thursday, where he underscored the importance of women’s participation in factories, emphasizing that creating jobs for them would help build the country’s economy.

“Creating job opportunities for women will be a blessing in disguise and that will help them become self-reliant and be bread-winners of their families,” averred the deputy minister.

He further noted that what men can do, women can do better, adding that society must stop discriminating against women from taking top positions in certain institutions.

In a short statement, General Manager of MR Distilleries Ltd SL, Mahider Reedy, commended the deputy minister for what he described as his laudable initiative by intervening on behalf of women, stating that his factory has over the years created jobs for women within the Wellington Industrial Estate.