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‘Deceased died of Cardiac arrest’ -witness testifies

October 26, 2021

By Yusufu S. Bangura

Third prosecution witness, Antonet Isiatu Bangura, a second year Mass Communications student, University of Makeni (UNIMAk), residing at the Fatima hostel, on Monday 25th October, 2021, told the court that she was informed by a doctor that her colleague, Sonia  Mary Thomas, died of Cardiac arrest.

Led in her examination in chief by State Counsel O.V. Robin Mason, the witness identified the deceased as her colleague, who she met in 2019 and recognized the accused person in the dock.

The witness said on the 6th of September, 2021, she was at the hostel in room 11 when One Ramash, the accused, the deceased and her friend, Kaindeh Sesay, visited her. She said they were discussing when Kaindeh requested for food and the deceased gave her oats.

Explaining further, the witness said she went out to prepare the oats leaving both the accused and deceased inside the room.

“I was outside when the accused came out complaining about their study group,” the witness said.

She said from where she was standing, she heard the deceased telling the accused that if she said anything that sounds nonsense, she will slap her.

 ‘I was still outside when the accused and the deceased went inside their room,” she said.

Narrating further what she saw, the witness said when she went inside their room, she met the accused standing by bed B and the deceased by bed C quarrelling, with Kaindeh standing between them.

 She added that Kaindeh and the accused were talking to the deceased, but she didn’t heard what they were saying.

She told the court that the accused was shouting, saying that she didn’t expect the deceased to have an encounter with her.

She continued that at that point, the deceased got up from her bed and ushed to the accused, but that she was blocked by Kaindeh and that she was breathing heavily.

The witness said later, the deceased started gaining consciousness and Ramash held her from the back and placed her on the bed. “I left Kaindeh and Ramash helping her getting fresh air after fainting and I went outside to continue cooking,” she stated.

She said she was cooking the oats when she heard the matron entering the room of the deceased, but by that time the accused had left, adding that when they entered the room, the matron called one Father John for them to take the deceased to Holy Spirit hospital.

“Upon reaching the hospital, the deceased was placed in a wheelchair and she was rushed to the emergency room.” 

She added that whiles the nurses were attending to the deceased, the doctor called and he asked them what happened to the deceased and Kaindeh narrated to him what happened.

The witness told the court that within an hour and half the doctor came out and told them that the deceased has died of cardiac arrest. She said she was later called to make statement to Mena police station at Makeni.

During cross examination by defense counsel J.M Jengo, the witness confirmed that the food was prepared in front of the door of room 15. She also confirmed that she heard the deceased saying, “if you talk nonsense, I will slap you”.

The witness further confirmed that the deceased rushed to slap the accused, but she was restrained by Kaindeh and from that point she started losing

At the end of cross examination, Magistrate Kekura remanded the accused to the Female Correctional Centre and adjourned the matter to Monday 1st November 2021, for further hearing.

The accused, Elizabeth Mande Judith Kanu made her fourth appearance before Magistrate Sahr Kekura of Court No 1 on one count of murder contrary to law.

According to the charge sheet, it was alleged that the accused on Monday 6th September 2021, at UNIMAK Campus, Fatima hostel Makeni, murdered Sonia Mary Thomas.

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