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Continued from Monday

Text: 2nd Cor 13:5

We are living in crucial times, times that require kingdom wisdom than ever before. We should be very attentive to every detail if we are going to escape the deceptions that looms our days. The scripture is infallible, it is unequivocal, always the same and authentic; it carries the truth, God’s intended pattern and the ways in which the church should go including what the church is all about. Any deviation from this arrangement enshrined in it according God’s own divine wisdom is a direction built on deception and eventually an awaiting destruction.

In order therefore to be safe, we need to start asking ourselves some serious intra-personal questions. Please forget about, “My pastor said” or “My church”…. this is about you and God, your individual salvation. Even though we are all one in Body yet Christianity is in most cases a personal and individualistic matter. Your going to heaven is solely your responsibility and entirely based on your decision.

Here are some questions I believe we should be asking ourselves right now.         

  1. Does my pastor teach the doctrines of Jesus Christ, His Apostles and of His kingdom?
  2. Is he concern about the eternal salvation of my soul?
  3. Does his message ever feature heaven and hell or the rapture?
  4. What is my pastor’s perspective about what the church of God is?
  5. How does my pastor handle issues of money, offering & tithing?
  6. What is my pastor’s view on materialism, wealth, worldliness and ungodly pleasure?
  7. Does his teaching help me to grow spiritually?
  8. Is my pastor helping me to be a disciplined and devoted follower of Jesus Christ? Etc.
  9. Does he preach the truth in God’s word?
  10. Does he preach righteousness, holiness, purity, integrity and morality? 

The answer to these most important questions should determine whether or not you’re in the right direction of the Christian faith and should also determine the subject and context around which we base our teachings. If the emphases of our messages are otherwise than what is expected of us as a church then we has a bigger problem to deal with.  

My concern is and I can guarantee you, many of us have been distracted and mislead today from the true message of God. I admonish therefore, my brother, my sister that you do everything in your capacity to know God and His word for yourself. Don’t let any man deceive you…. 1st Thess 2:3-4

Follow me again tomorrow as we go on this APOSTOLIC VOYAGE.

I remain your brother, Emmanuel Gborie

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