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Cuba’s anti-government protesters sentenced up to 30 years behind bars

“The citizens are accused of committing and provoking serious disturbances and acts of vandalism, with the purpose of destabilizing public order, collective security and citizen tranquility,” the Supreme Court said.

Last July, hundreds of Cubans across the country defied the government and took to the streets against chronic shortages and lack of basic freedoms.

Despite widespread calls following the protests for amnesty, the Cuban government has come down hard on demonstrators — meting out lengthy prison sentences.

Shortly after the protests started, police and special forces went door to door looking for those who participated.

Protesters demonstrate in rare protests in Havana, Cuba, on July 11, 2021.

Cuban courts have since been trying hundreds of protestors in mass trials that have been criticized by international observers for their lack of transparency and due process.

“They threw stones and bottles at various officials, law enforcement officers…

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