CTC Mining SL Ltd Pays 2.3 Billion old Leones’ surface rent to local Chiefdoms in Portloko District

At the official handing over of the cheque of 2.3 Billion to the local chief

 By Ibrahim Kabbah Turay

In a significant development for both the local communities and the mining sector in Sierra Leone, CTC Mining SL Limited has paid the payment of a staggering two billion three Hundred old Leones as surface rent to the Maforki and Marampa chiefdoms in Port Loko District.

The payment marks the second tranche of rent payments made by the company to the local communities since stated operation in the country.

Operating in the country for just one year, CTC Mining SL Limited has already made considerable strides, exporting an impressive 350,000 tons of Bauxite. The company’s success has now paved the way for ambitious expansion plans aimed at further enhancing its operations.

According to the Chief Operating Officer Dr. Yves El Mallat, said the proposal to construct a port and haul road  infrastructure before the end of 2024. These developments are expected to streamline operations, making them more efficient and facilitating faster export processes.

“CTC Mining SL Limited’s endeavors aim was not only to contribute to the economic growth of the nation but also demonstrate a commitment to fostering positive relationships with local communities and promoting their development.”

Project Coordinator, CTC Dr. David Kanume Koroma, reiterated the Mining Company commitment to empowering local communities by providing them with access to modern technology and equipment in mining. This initiative aims to enhance the skills and capabilities of locals, ensuring their active participation and contribution to the mining activities.

Among other government officials, including the Resident Minister North-West Region Ambassador Umaru Bun Wurie, call on the communities authorities to use the money for actualize more development in their chiefdoms

The paramount chiefs of both Maforki and Marampa chiefdoms have expressed their gratitude to Mining SL Limited for engaging in large-scale mining operations within their communities. They have welcomed the company’s efforts to bring development to the region and have pledged to utilize the rent payments to further advance community development initiatives.


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