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CSO wants live streaming of public interest matter

May 17, 2021

Native Consortium and Research Centre (NCRC) has in a letter called on the Chief Justice of Sierra Leone, Justice Desmond Babatunde Edwards, to permit live streaming of the testimony of the star witness in their case against mobile operators in the country.

The letter requested for a live streaming of the landmark class action filed by Native Consortium and Research Centre and 299 consumers against Africell 1st defendant, Orange 2nd defendant, SIERRATEL 3rd defendant and NATCOM 4th defendant, respectively.

The letter commended the fast track nature in which the matter is being heard in the interest of justice.

“The purpose of the landmark litigation is bigger than the 300 litigants and the outcome of the case will add to the jurisprudence in Sierra Leone and by extension Africa. From the record and directive of the judge, the matter will be ending within the next one month and we shall be going into full blown trial. Therefore, the public and the 300 litigants are requesting for media coverage on some part of the trial. The matter before the court is a public interest case and the public therefore deserve the right to know its conclusion,” the letter reads.

“My Lord, live streaming of court proceedings now trends globally and weeks ago, proceedings of a supreme court panel which you presided over was streamed live over the radio, television and internet. My Lord, the cost of running the live stream will be 100% funded by the Native Consortium (1st Plaintiff) because we believe the public deserves to know what is happening with their case.”

The right based organisation further cited the Commissions of Inquiry which was streamed live in in Sierra Leone by the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC), African Young Voices (AYV) television, Freetown Television Network (FYN), among several others.

“Therefore my lord, we are kindly pleading that you give consumers of this nation the privilege to watch this trial for justice to be seen to be done in the eyes of all before the matter comes to an end in the next one month,” the letter stated. 

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