Cry for Justice


…Biriwa Paramount Chief writes President Koroma

February 13, 2018 By Mohamed Massaquoi

Suspended Paramount Chief of Biriwa Chiefdom in the Bombali District, northern Sierra Leone, has written to President Ernest Bai Koroma requesting a detail report regarding his suspension from office.

Dr. Alpha Madsery Sheriff II was elected Paramount Chief of that chiefdom on 12th August 2006, but was suspended while an administrative investigation was instituted, followed by a commission of enquiry to look into some of his activities.

 In 2008, the office of the Provincial Secretary North conducted an administrative investigation into the conduct of the traditional ruler, while a commission of enquiry headed by  Justice Fofanah was instituted, but according to the chief no report has been made available to him.

“Your Excellency, I hereby respectfully remind you of the series of issues of the paramount chieftaincy in Biriwa from the time I was elected right up to the present time. In view of various circumstances and factors on this issues up to the end of 2011, much of which was during the first term of your presidency. From the completion of the investigation and enquiry, I have not been personally favoured with a copy of any of the respective reports nor have I seen any such report publish or printed under the Sierra Leone Gazette. I request that you make available to me the respective reports of both an administrative and a judicial investigation into my manning the said paramount chieftaincy of Biriwa Chiefdom   for the rest of your presidency, I have not still received any reply or response in that respect,” PC Dr. Alpha Madsery Sheriff II said.

It could be recalled that on 19th May 2009, President Koroma appointed Honourable Justice Abdulai Sheik Fofanah as commissioner and Honourable Chief Masa Yelli N’tham II and Paramount Chief Alimamy B.Y Koroma to be assessors to inquire into the conduct of the erstwhile chief and to determine whether his conduct has been inconsistent with good governance.

Investigation conducted reveals that the commissioners appointed to look into the deposed Paramount Chief’s conduct had longed submitted their findings and recommendations.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Local Government and National Electoral Commission had recommended that modalities be put in place for the election of a new paramount chief of Biriwa Chiefdom, in accordance with the Chieftaincy Act 2009, as soon as possible.