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CRSG constructing alternative road around Toll bridge

August 16, 2017 

The Hasting bypass under construction

China Railway Seventh Group (CRSG) has started refurbishing the old road from Hastings to Masiaka so that there will be an alternative road for those who do not want to use the toll road.

Speaking to the Supervisor of the road, Todd, said CRSG is in Sierra Leone to help develop the country and it is for that reason they decided to refurbish the old road for those who do not want the comfort of the new road they are constructing.

“After we listened to pleas from the people of Sierra Leone, our bosses decided to brush and grade the road so that it will be motorable at all times as an alternative,” he said.

The Supervisor said they were working day and night to get it done and make sure the people will be able to use it, adding that they wanted to make sure that they do all in their powers to make sure the people are served.

When asked if politicians prevailed on them to do the work, the Chinese official said CRSG wanted to do it to help the people.

CRSG has been working in Sierra Leone for the past eight years and they have constructed roads including the Wellington – Masiaka Road.

Todd said they were inspecting all the roads and any issues the rains might have caused, adding that they would fix whatever problem they discover.

Toll roads are appealing to many on the right, because the fees don’t look like taxes.Motorists are charged for the voluntary action of driving on a specific and smooth paved road. Toll roads in the United States appear to be run by private entities, not the government.

Also in many developed countries, they are becoming an increasingly popular way to raise money to build roads, instead of increasing gas taxes which have traditionally paid for highways.

The most expensive highway project in the U.S. was paid for by tolls in Massachusetts and that has been reciprocated in many other U.S. cities.


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