CRSG commended for Kissy, Fourah Bay Roads work


June 19, 2015 By Ibrahim Tarawallie

China Railway Seventh Group (CRSG) has received praise and commendations from inhabitants of Kissy Road and Fourah Bay Road following the commencement of serious road works on both thoroughfares, including repairing of drainages.

Because of the traffic flow during the day, coupled with the fact that both roads link the east with the center of the city, CRSG thought it prudent to work at night, after they were awarded the contract to resurface the roads and repair gutters.

Many residents at Kissy Road are very happy with the time CRSG does the road construction, describing it as the best time because of less traffic and pedestrians on the road.

Pa Osman Conteh told this medium that he cannot recall the last time Kissy Road gutters were cleaned.

“I am happy for the job these Chinese people are doing as the gutter in front of my house has been cleaned out and the water is flowing, thereby pushing the mosquitoes away from my house,” he said.

He stated that for the past days workers of CRSG have been working throughout the night as they aim to avoid unnecessary gridlock during the day.

Pedestrians working along both roads thanked the workers and told them that “God will bless you for the tremendous work you are doing to clean the gutters in order to avert sickness.” They averred that CRSG is a very responsible and reliable contractor, not only for the current project but also for their excellent performance in the past years.

Some of the local staff working for the Chinese company said they take care of their health and that they are adequately rewarded for working at night.

“They care about our health and we have good working relationship with our Chinese bosses,” one of workers said.

At the Clock Tower at Eastern Police Station, where one of the teams was working, commuters waiting for transport praised the commitment of company.

Abdulai Barrie told this medium that the way the Regent–Grafton Road was constructed shows that CRSG is the best road construction company in the country.

“I hope the government will continue to give them the major roads in the country because they construct quality roads and don’t waste time,” he said.