Crown Technical College ‘to build middle manpower’


August 27, 2015 By Hassan Gbassay Koroma 

The Executive Director of Crown Technical University College (CTUC) has said that they are in the country ‘to build middle manpower capacity for national development’.

Dr. Andrew Curtis was speaking at the college campus situated at Pyke Street, Brookfields in Freetown, while unveiling Engineer Samuel Theophilus Powers as the new principal of the college.

He said the college will be providing technical skills training for prospective students who wish to secure employment opportunities in the industrial sector across the country.

He said the college has been operating for over three years in Sierra Leone and that they have introduced new courses to meet the country’s needs in middle manpower, adding that the courses include Healthcare, Entrepreneurship,Information and Communications Technology ( ICT) and Business Administration, and training in Mining, Oil and Petroleum Management.

 “The institution is based in the United Kingdom but as a Sierra Leonean, I thought it fit to bring it to my country with the aim of helping to build the manpower of my brothers and sisters. It is good to know that the certificates that we offer to our graduates are recognised and valued internationally,” he said.

He boasted that they are the first institution to train students in Petroleum Engineering in the country, adding that acquiring such skill will come handy as the country is making progress in the area of petroleum.

He revealed the college is in alliance with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology and other tertiary institutions in the country, with the sole aim of providing quality technical education.

Dr. Curtis said courses they offer would motivate students to achieve higher levels of success.

The newly appointed Principal of the College, Engineer Samuel Theophilus Powers, said he is of the view that the country has taken a giant step with the introduction of the college.