Criminal Enterprise: How two European investors allegedly connive to undermine investment in SL

 Michaal Ungar 

Credible information reaching this medium has revealed how two Europeans-a Dutch national, convicted Edwin Huijzendveld and his colleague Michaal Ungar, a German national, have allegedly been working in cohort to destroy meaningful investment in Sierra Leone by engaging in a blackmail drive against Tandem Liber Holdings Sierra Leone Limited and its CEO, Edward Meijers.

 “The actions of Edwin HUIJZENDVELD and Michael Ungar in their attempts to tarnish the good reputation of Tandem Liber Holdings SL LTD and its CEO, Edward Meijers, are nothing short of despicable. It is clear that they have been working together for some time now, using underhanded tactics to try and bring down a company that has worked hard to establish itself in Sierra Leone and beyond,” an anonymous source told Concord Times.

Huijzendveld was convicted in Sierra Leone for fraud and impersonation and he is still on the run, using Europe as a safe haven.

Huijzendveld allegedly contacted one Donald Wilson in Sierra Leone to carry out an investigation on the company, claiming that he had been providing them with a significant amount of money, which later proved to be fake.

“It is clear that he has been lying to Donald Wilson about his supposed investment in the TLH mining project, and has been using his connections to try and spread false information about the company. Huijzendveld reportedly sent money through Western Union to the person conducting the investigation in order to defame the company through media outlets. This kind of behavior is completely unacceptable and should not be tolerated in any business environment.”

“It is important to note that Tandem Liber Holdings SL LTD and its CEO, Edward Meijers, have done nothing wrong. They have worked hard to establish themselves in Sierra Leone and have been committed to operating in an ethical and transparent manner. The fact that they have been targeted in this way is a clear indication of the lengths that some people will go to in order to try and bring down successful businesses. It is our hope that the authorities will take swift action to bring Huijzendveld and Ungar to justice, and that Tandem Liber Holdings SL LTD will be able to continue its important work in Sierra Leone without further interference from these unscrupulous individuals. We stand with TLH and its CEO, Edward Meijers, and will continue to support them in any way we can,” citizens called.

Michaal Ungar is the owner of a company called Rainbow Watersystemen located at Energieweg 3W 4231,DJ Meerkerk in Germany. Ungar, who used to be part of the company but was expelled for embezzlement, joined forces with Huijzendveld to carry out this malicious act.

Investigation revealed that Huijzendveld had unauthorized access to the dropbox of Tandem Liber Holdings SL Ltd to falsify documents and tarnish the company’s reputation.

Tandem Liber Holdings SL Ltd has contributed significantly to the local community by rebuilding a school in Makeni that was damaged by natural disasters and providing support to women in the Kenema constituency through a microcredit scheme.


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