Cricket: Board chairman urges players to improve on physical and technical ability


March 15, 2017 By Sahr Morris Jnr

Chairman for Sierra Leone Cricket Association (SLCA), Board of Directors, Beresford Bournes-Coker, has urged players of the national team to go the extra mile to improve their physical and technical ability ahead of the International Cricket Council (ICC)/ World Cricket League (WCL) Africa division One tournament.

Bournes-Coker’s  latest call came after the SLCA selection panel officially announced the final 14 man squad ahead of the April tournament.

He said: “You were selected based on performance standards. To ensure you have a good tour with the national team you have to go the extra mile to improve your physical ability and technical know-how in the area of bowling, batting and fielding.”

Prominent names amongst the 14 players are; captain Lansana Lamin, Bami Williams, Emmanuel Kamara and Mohamed Khan. Youngsters; George Edward Ngagba and John Bangura all got the nod.

Sierra Leone will start their campaign in the competition against Ghana on April 7th before taking on Zambia the following day.

The team will also face Nigeria on 11th April before taking on Botswana and Tanzania respectively.

The six nations; Botswana, Tanzania, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Nigeria and Zambia tournament will be played under the 50 over format structure with the winner gaining promotion to the next stage of World Cricket.

The full list of selected players are: John Bangura – Opening batman, George Edward Ngagba – Opening batman and Spinner, Ibrahim Kamara – Opening batman and medium pace bowler, Yegbeh Jalloh – Opening batman and wicket keeper, Emmanuel Kamara – Opening batman, Lansana Lamin (Captain) – Middle order batman and fast pace bowler, Mohamed Khan – Middle order batman and spinner

Solomon Williams-Middle order batman and swing bowler, Ishmail Komba – Middle other batman and medium pace bowler Mohamed Mansaray-Middle order batman and wicket keeper, Bami Williams – Opening swing bowler, Julius Brewa – Opening batman and wicket keeper,  Abass Gbla – Middle order batman and swing bowler and Olu Compagnie-Coker – Middle order batman.