‘Crespo’ Kamara stays positive over injury battle 


August 6, 2015 By Sahr Morris Jr

Sierra Leone and Örebro striker, Alhassan ‘Crespo’ Kamara believes he should stay positive if he is to win his current injury problem.

The 22-year-old forward continues to be on the side-line for the Allsvenskan relegation battle side, and club manager Alexander Axen  has already ruled him out for a possible return this season.

“I do not think “Crespo” will come back into play this season. I’m no doctor, but it’s pretty obvious that he has a way to go for a return to the games, and now it’s not very long time left,” Axen told NA.

However, the former FC Kallon striker is refusing to give up hopes of returning and he told Swedish NA sports that he is working hard to get over the injury problem and describes his situation as a ‘mental war’.

“There’s no one who knows and myself I can only hope. This is a mental war going on right now. It is a frustrating situation and am trying to make the best of this,” Kamara said and revealed that he is jogging, running in the pool and doing lot of bicycles workout and yoga which helps him to relax.

He added: “I go to training every day and doing my rehab training. I hope to make it better and I cannot think negatively, I have to be positive and look forward to how the process goes.”

However, both club and the player could not do much more than hope and believe that the injury will heal and he can return to football.