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Crash truck destroys FIbank outlet at Kissy Road

November 25, 2016 By Ibrahim Tarawallie

 Staff members of the First International Bank outlet at Kissy Road, east of Freetown were in somber mood yesterday morning after they returned to work and found their office destroyed by a truck.

Those who were at bank to carry out transactions- receiving or depositing monies were shocked to see the damage caused by the truck.

According to a staff of SEM Security Agency, who was on duty when the incident occurred, Minkailu Turay, the truck with registration No. ABE-225 lost  control from Mountain Cut  and that the driver  was unable to stop the vehicle from causing problem.

He explained that the truck unfortunately hits the frontage of the FIBank office, destroying the manager’s office, the point where customers transact their business on a daily basis and properties yet to be ascertained.

“I arrive around 7pm to take up duty in the bank. Around 11:44pm, I saw a truck coming down from Mountain cut with heavy speed.  I was at the side of the road watching the incident. The vehicle hit the frontage of the bank and destroyed the office of the manager and other valuable properties,” he explained.

He said because of the valuable items and equipment that were inside the back, he had cause to mobilize people around to safeguard the bank so as to ensure that no one had it way inside to loot something.

Some of the staff members, including the Manager refused to comment to Concord Times  on the impact of the destruction but were rather busy preventing onlookers from having their way inside the bank.

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