Court reporters get interim executive


October 7, 2015 By Hawa Amara

Court reporters in Freetown yesterday elected an interim executive to man the affairs of the budding union until elections are held in December.

The interim executive will run the affairs of the union for the next three months until a new executive is elected and sworn in, to serve for three years.

The interim executive comprises Hassan Gbassay Koroma of Concord Times newspaper as President; Feima Kpaka of For Di People newspaper, Treasurer; Moriba Kamara of Nationalist newspaper, Secretary General; and Mary I. Kamara of The New Storm newspaper, Public Relations Officer and Organising Secretary.

In his short statement, Hassan Gbassay Koroma thanked members of the union for their trust to elect him as interim president, and pledged to do his best to foster unity among members.

He said court reporters had for a long time yearned for a union, and that craving had been fulfilled by the election of an interim executive.

He assured the union that he would work with the other executive members to put structures in place in the next three months, adding that their tenure would come to an end when elections are held by the end of December 2015.

Also, interim treasurer Feima Kpaka promised to work to the expectation of the union in moving it forward.