Court Martial: Prosecution presents 14th   witness


By Ibrahim Kabba Turay

Sergeant Michael Sankoh, the fourteenth witness in the ongoing court martial trials, appeared before the Court Martial. The witness, an investigator for over 10 years, testified last week and was cross-examined by Lawyer Ibrahim Bah from the Legal Aid Board, who represents the first accused, among other accused persons.

The witness, who had been involved in the investigation process related to the first accused person, stated that he didn’t recall the exact date of the first accused’s apprehension but confirmed that he took a statement from him on November 28 and 29, 2023.

When asked by Lawyer Bangura if he made a mistake on the first accused’s statement, the witness admitted to making a mistake, although the specific details of the mistake were not highlighted.

In another development, the 16th accused person informed the court about his current condition. He mentioned that he has no relatives in Freetown, having traveled all the way from Kamakwie. Consequently, he has nobody to turn to, and his deteriorating health condition is causing him daily suffering. He also stated that his salary has not been forthcoming, making the situation unbearable for him.

The accused’s lawyer raised concerns about the welfare and health condition of his client, urging the Judge Advocate to issue the necessary orders. In response, Colonel M.B. Kamara, one of the state’s lawyers, confirmed that the accused’s wife is in Tambakha, and they will try to organize a visit for her.

Regarding the accused’s welfare, the prosecution acknowledged that an investigation will be conducted, as other accused persons are receiving theirs after similar concerns were raised.

Lawyer Cufie cross-examined the witness on behalf of the 16th accused, followed by other lawyers. The court martial proceedings continue with further testimonies and cross-examinations.


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