Court Martial: Major General testifies on killing of Sergeant Marrah


By Ibrahim Kabba Turay

In a court martial hearing held on Friday, April 5, 2024, Major General Dauda Alpha, stationed at the Commander Joint Force at Cockrill headquarters, provided disturbing testimony regarding the tragic death of his close protection officer, Sergeant Marrah, who he said was beheaded by an RPG bomb exploded by assailants at Murray Town.

Major General Alpha, testifying before Judge Advocate Mark Ngegba and Board Members, recounted the traumatic events of the coup attempt on November 26th in Freetown. He described how Sergeant Marrah’s head was gruesomely smashed into pieces as a result of the bomb blast, leaving a devastating scene of violence.

Detailing his military service of thirty-three years, Major General Alpha outlined his responsibilities, including overseeing the conduct of all RSLAF officers’ nationwide and ensuring logistical support, training, and general administration.

Recalling the events leading up to the coup attempt, Major General Alpha described receiving a call alerting him to a potential attack in Freetown. He immediately took action, organizing emergency meetings and instructing personnel to maintain vigilance. Notably, he directed Lieutenant Coniel Tommy, one of the accused, to secure his unit and prepare for potential threats.

As the situation unfolded, Major General Alpha recounted moments of intense confrontation with the assailants. He described coordinating efforts to respond to the attacks and the desperate attempts to defend against overwhelming force.

During cross-examination by defense counsel, Major General Alpha provided further insights into the chaotic events of that fateful day. The proceedings concluded with the matter adjourned for further hearings today.


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