Councillor condemns cemetery sex


By Matthew Jabby

Councillor Emmanuel Saidu Conteh of Ward 383 in the Congo Town community has condemned individuals who perform nocturnal sexual acts in the cemetery.

Speaking yesterday during the turning of the sod for the fencing of the Congo Town cemetery, the ruling party councillor lamented that the cemetery was being used as a dumping site to deposit garbage, while hoodlums converge there to sell and abuse drugs, gamble, and attack innocent passers-by.

“People who think they have influence and the resources have taken upon themselves to encroach on, and grab the cemetery land without respect to our dead, which has resulted in the reduction of its original land size,” he said in reference to massive encroachment of the cemetery land.

Conteh said fencing of the cemetery was the beginning of the process to making it clean and safe, and to reclaim its land.

He implored residents in Ward 383 to join him and Ward Committee members to join in the fight against lawlessness in the community.

“I may not have the great strength of Samson who singlehandedly championed the cause of the people of the Jews, I may not even possess the great wisdom of wise King Solomon, but I have the zeal and zest, the discipline, integrity, faith and the will power installed in me by God, which makes me stand tall and proud today and determined to carry on this project to conclusion,” he said.

He thanked individuals and corporate institutions who gave support to the project, including Mercury International, especially Chairman Mr. Samir Hassaniyeh, Mayor of Freetown, Modcom, Global Services, Equatorial, Engineering & Construction Company, Jaffal Block Factory, Haidara Aluminium Factory, Salcost and members of the community for their relentless support.

Mayor of Freetown, Bababode Franklin Gibson, praised the councillor as an ‘outstanding member of his team’ and pledged Le10 million on behalf of the Freetown City Council.

Local Unit Commander at the Congo Cross police station committed the support of the force to provide security at the project site.

Deputy Minister of Information and Communications, Theo Nicol, also donated 50 bags of cement to the project.

The event was chaired by Falla Ensa N’Dema, retired journalist and civil society activist.