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Convict gets 6 years imprisonment for assaulting OSD personnel

By Yusufu S. Bangura

After spending about five years, two months in custody, 32-year-old driver, Mohamed Kanu alias ‘Abass’ was yesterday June 22nd  sentenced to 6 years imprisonment for attacking an OSD officer.

Kanu pleaded guilty to four count offenses of conspiracy, robbery with violence, wounding and possession of small arms without license. He would serve at the Freetown Male Correctional Center at Pademba Road.

State counsel, Agatha Jalloh alleged that the convict on divers date between the 23rd April 2017 and the 25th April 2017 in Freetown, conspired with other persons unknown to commit a felony to wit robbery with violence.

It was further alleged that the convict on the 25th April 2017 in Freetown, robbed police constable 15822 Alhaji Sorie Kamara of one AK-47 rifle, property of Sierra Leone government whilst in custody of the said officer. The convict maliciously wounded the said complainant and was found in possession of AK-47 rifle with magazine and ammunitions.

Before handing down his sentence, Justice Sesay asked the convict if he has anything to tell him before giving his judgment, the convict plead with him to temper justice with mercy because he has been in custody for over five years now and during that time his elder sister, Aminata Kanu who was taking care of his two children,died.

In plea of mitigation, the Legal Aid Board Lawyer R. S Bangura representing the convict pleaded with the judge to tamper justice with mercy, noting that he regretted his action and pleaded guilty to the offense charged without wasting the court’s time.

“My Lord the convict is now 32 years, we suggest he has a life to live in future and if he continues to be incarcerated, the future of his children will be jeopardize as their aunt has been reported dead, Bangura said,” pleading mercy for the sake of the children. “My Lord I plead with you to give the convict a minimal sentence considering the time spent in custody,” he pleaded. 

 Justice Sesay however said, no citizen has the right to attack a police officer or any other security personnel. He said if the convict has the got to attack an armed officer, he would one day attack another person to rob him or her. “So my concern here is the nature of the offence that the convict committed’.

Justice Sesay further advised everyone to be law abiding citizen. He therefore sentenced the convict to six years imprisonment in consideration of the time the convict has spent in custody on counts 2 and 3, and he questioned and discharged the convict on counts 1 and 4. He further ordered that the sentence must be run concurrently.

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