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Consumers bemoan sale of contaminated palm oil

N0vember 10, 2016 By Andrew Ngebuva (Intern)

Dozens of consumers frequenting the Dove Cut Market have disclosed to Concord Times that traders are allegedly in the habit of mixing palm oil with a reddish substance, which they claim renders their food unpalatable.

The development, according to them, came about few weeks after the government announced austerity measures.

Dove Cut is one of the biggest markets in the municipality, located in the east end of the city. Market goers from the west, central and east end of the city converge at the centre to buy foodstuffs and other commodities.

Fudia Koroma, who runs a local restaurant at Tree Planting, told Concord Times that for weeks now she has not been getting the usual cooperation from her customers due to the poor quality of food, allegedly caused by contaminated palm oil she had bought from the market.

“After I finished cooking, the palm oil in the source would appear like an ice. It resembles a melted candle. Instead of the source appearing reddish, it would be looking pinkish. This has really scared away customers from my restaurant,” she said.

On her part, Sadiatu Koroma, who caught up with this reporter at the said market, said she had taken note of the bad product, hence did not buy it.

Fatamata Kargo, a palm oil seller at Dove Cut, admitted that the said product is in circulation at the market, but denied being one of those selling it.

She said that after a huge public outcry about the contaminated palm oil, those involved in the dastardly act of selling it now do so from hideouts.

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