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Constituency 97 sensitized on Ebola

 SEPTEMBER 2, 2014 By Hawa Amara

Ebola Virus Disease
Ebola Virus Disease

Hon. Ibrahim Nox Sankoh over the weekend sensitized constituents of Constituency 97 on the deadly Ebola virus.

The event, which took place at the Wellington Community Centre and themed ‘Let’s join hands together to kick Ebola out of Sierra Leone’, saw buckets of chlorine being placed at strategic locations for washing of hands.

The ruling All People Congress lawmaker commended constituents for their support in the fight against the deadly disease.

He said the disease has caused the death of many people in the country, including medical workers, as well as negatively impacted the country’s economy. He advised constituents to be aware of the deadly disease and to abide by the advisory released by the medical health officers.

Hon. Sankoh disclosed that the government has disbursed Le62 million to the constituency to enable him sensitise constituents on the Ebola outbreak. He said the money would be used for its correct purpose and that enough megaphones have been purchased to sensitize communities, as well as buckets of chlorine, hand sanitizers and Dettol for hand washing.

A representative from Sierra Leone Brewery, Ojo Collier, said constituents should be aware of the disease and stop touching people. He said the Sierra Leone Brewery would support the constituency to fight against the Ebola virus by providing four tanks of 100 litres of water each, to be mixed with chlorine and located at strategic points in the constituency in a bid to stem the spread of the disease.

Chairman of the opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party in the constituency, Hassan Y. Bangura, urged constituents to help prevent the disease in the community. He said the disease is extraordinary and that measures should put in place to fight it head-on.

“We should forget about politics and fight against the disease as it is progressing in the country every day,” Bangura admonished, adding that people should stop denying the disease is real and abide by advisory released by medical health officers.

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