Connaught Hospital partners with Yashoda Hospital in India 

      Yashoda Hospital management and the Connaught hospital team

By Ibrahim Kabba Turay

In a bid to bolster sustainable healthcare in Sierra Leone, Connaught Hospital has entered into a partnership with Yashoda Hospital, a renowned medical institution in India.

The collaboration aims to elevate the quality of healthcare services in the country.

Providing insights into Yashoda Hospital’s background, R. Phanindra, the Vice President of Yashoda Hospital, shared that the institution commenced operations in 1989 as a small clinic. Over the years, it has evolved into a 500-bed multi-specialty hospital with ISO certification.

He said the hospital’s laboratories and facilities have received accreditation from NABL and NABH, reflecting its commitment to quality healthcare.

Phanindra highlighted Yashoda Hospital’s reputation for revolutionary technology, top-notch medical expertise, and advanced procedures. The hospital boasts three additional branches in Hyderabad, featuring 62 medical specialists and 700 doctors.

Over the past five years, Yashoda Hospital has admitted approximately 25,000 patients across its three locations and successfully conducted around 100,000 surgeries.

Phanindra emphasized that the hospital’s mission in Sierra Leone is not to exploit citizens financially but to collaborate with the government in fostering self-sufficiency among local doctors, enabling them to provide affordable and high-quality treatments.

Senior Matron at Connaught Hospital, Fatmata Kanjia Jalloh, shared her experience visiting Yashoda Hospital in India. She expressed confidence in the partnership, citing the common practice of Sierra Leoneans traveling to India for medical treatment due to its affordability.

Jalloh noted that Yashoda Hospital addresses the challenges faced by Sierra Leoneans abroad by offering assistance at the airport and providing accommodations.

The collaboration seeks to enhance local medical equipment, offer training to doctors and nurses, and build the overall capacity of healthcare facilities in Sierra Leone. The ultimate goal is to reduce the necessity for citizens to travel abroad for medical treatment.

Jalloh revealed that 55 Sierra Leoneans have already benefited directly from Yashoda Hospital, particularly in the field of Neuron surgeries.


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