Congo Market footbridge turns dumpsite


December 14, 2016 By Emmanuel Okyne  (intern)

Traders at Congo Market have called on the Freetown City Council to put mechanisms in place to clear the garbage under the foot bridge leading to the market.

A Fish Monger, Adama Conteh, told Concord Times that since the end of the raining season, there had been a huge pile of garbage beneath the bridge.

She said the filth posed serious health hazard to their children, customers and even those residing in the community.

“After the close of market day, traders usually clean their different areas and dump the rubbish over the foot bridge since there is no dumpsite in the community,” she said.

She stated that the stores in the market have been infested by rats and that they were sometimes afraid that they would be infected with laser fever.

Samuel Kargbo, who resides in the community, appealed to the FCC and the Freetown Waste Management to be proactive in ensuring that a dumpsite was provided as they collect dues from traders on a daily basis.

According to him, most of the dwelling houses beside the foot bridge were infested with rats and cockroaches and that traders usually hire the services of youth to clean up the environment.

He said traders were sometimes forced to set fire under the foot bridge in order to reduce the huge pile of garbage, adding that such activity affect the lifespan of the bridge.

“Whenever fire is set on the garbage, it remain for nearly a month and make breathing unpleasant for people in the community. The heat from the fire affect the building as it weakens the wall of the market and the foundation,” he stated.

When contacted, Councilor Abioseh Wilson of Ward 386, Constituency 109, admitted that the community was using the foot bridge as a dumpsite.

“A sensitisation encouraging community members and traders to desist from throwing garbage under the bridge prove futile. The community has been using the foot bridge as dumping site since the period of my predecessor. They were also complaining that the FCC never provided dumpsite for them,” she said.